Unique handcrafted vinyl record jewellery
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Hello, I'm Anne-Louise, the girl behind the record.

Hello! And thanks for stopping by ♥ 

So you made it to my brand new website, yay! I thought I'd introduce myself with a quick "hello!".

I am Anne-Louise, the busy hands behind DANA Jewellery, a brand defined by the creative use of recycled vinyl records. 

Until I'm back next time, here are a few random facts about me: 

  • I started making recycled vinyl record jewelry back in 2010. Whoa, times does fly. 
  • I call Sneem my home. That's in the south west of Ireland. The hills, the fresh air and the ocean are just some of the things that inspire me daily.
  • I cycle to the post office every day, sometimes in the rain -hey, it's Ireland after all- where the daily orders start their journeys to their new homes.
  • I love my morning coffee. And my afternoon tea.
  • My closest neighbours are the cows that live in the barn next door. I hear them mooing as I'm typing this.
  • I love spending time in charity shops. My latest finds? Two Leonard Cohen records and a beautiful antique German clock that still works. 

Such a random picture. I know. But friends, I will be back as this is just the beginning of a new online adventure. Until then, find me on instagram @creationsdanajewellery and come and say "hello!".




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